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Bath Salts Containers

Inside you will find many articles, recipes and step by step instructions for making your own bath salts at home. This guide is taken from our book published in 2005 and should get you started on a fun hobby, perhaps even a business. There are about 100 bath salt recipes you can make in your home with only a few supplies, salts and oils. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always purchase the full guide which is probably the most comprehensive bath salts book in existence. Inside you will find 191 pages of information and step by step instructions. If you are on a budget however there is enough information on the site itself to get you started having fun with bath salts at home now.

Why You Should Make Bath Salts?

More than ever before people are finding that ‘homemade’ is not just a term related for foods, but for many items in the home with bath salts being no exception. Homemade bath salts save you money because you can purchase as much or as little salts, oils or special scents as you want right now with many of the ingredients being very affordable. Bath salts become an essential part of your ability to step back and enjoy the day!


Homemade salts also give you the alternative to leave out ingredients you don’t like, or to make changes in the recipe you are using to include other scents, colors, oils or ingredients that will personalize your luxury bath moments. The ability to personalize bath salts gives you the top benefits for including nutrients, minerals, and special needs for your skin and body.


Added personal benefits that individuals receive from using bath salts vary ranging from enjoyment of that personal time, to the relaxation of muscles and clearing of the senses. Bath salts hold a special different meaning and benefit for every user. Try a bit of scented salts in your water tonight and find out yourself! Bath salts will ease your mind, lessen stress, loosen muscles, and bath salts can help you get back perspective for the life you want to lead.

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